As a business matures, its requirements to continue delivering a competitive product or service will grow and evolve as well. How to Create A Roadmap That Helps You Say No Technology roadmaps templates can assist your IT department in determining what features and products to prioritize. 3 Tips to Persuading IT Management to Support a Digital Transformation Product leaders who can get IT to support a digital transformation have the opportunity to better accelerate this transition.

As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, you need to reconsider how you view cybersecurity. Do you take active, reactive, or proactive cybersecurity measures when it comes… Experienced professionals who have earned essential cybersecurity certifications are in high demand. In fact, a growing IT security workforce shortage is reaching a critical… Result, customers still running the FTA are vulnerable to existing weakness in the unsupported too.

Types of Technology Roadmaps

The process includes two types of activities (Expert Judgment/Consensus and Data and Analysis) and four phases . After a roadmap is completed, implementation and updating ensure the complete realization of the vision and goals. It’s a plan that applies to a new product or process, or to emerging technology. Sprints frequently go off track, which can have a negative effect on downstream operations. A helps teams run more successful sprints by setting a foundation and identifying how work should be organized so activities can be finished in a short time period.

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They overlook or forget the work they’re planning must also satisfy the established goal. A list of quarterly outcomes or objectives and key results goals that each team will focus on to achieve the strategic theme. These goals basically answer the question, “what are the things we may build? Each team gives their best guesses as to how they’ll achieve each quarter’s goals. Works as a critical communication tool both within the teams and with other key stakeholders. For a typical client, a roadmap follows the following structure.

You can validate the resources devoted to every initiative and relocate them from secondary to primary goals, should the priorities shift. Benchmark your post pandemic technology adoption plans for 111 technologies against 437 of your IT peers. Use this roadmap to benchmark your technology adoption plans against your midsize enterprise peers. Over time, the semiconductor industry targeted by the ITRS developed new areas of research and new standards for integrating related but tangential devices and systems within the industry. The IRDS was created to broaden the scope of research into developments in communication, the use of fiber optics, and other changes that go beyond the industry’s initial work in semiconductors.

What is IEEE’s Role with Technology Roadmaps?

However, Accellion FTA is now twenty years old—a lifetime for IT—and it’s nearly the end of its life. Outline key IT capabilities the company has or needs to have to keep running smoothly. If you’re more process-oriented then the Swimlane View may be more your speed. In the presentation, focus on the why and how the roadmap addresses the needs of the target audience. This assigns responsibilities for managing and monitoring progress. By defining the logical order of the tasks at hand, you create the project’s backbone.

Science and technology roadmaps designed by IEEE are intended to portray the structural relationships among science, technology, and applications. They function as technical roadmaps that provide a practical and applicable business plan for stakeholders from companies in science and technology fields. Initially, companies may review a technology roadmap to determine what technology is available and will be available in the near future. They then use that knowledge to develop their product roadmaps and, ultimately, new products to expand their business. Technology roadmaps provide industry-wide guidelines and perspectives for future developments. In contrast, a product roadmap outlines company-specific guidelines and is usually viewed as a proprietary and competitive resource that explains a single company’s internal processes and designs.

Don’t forget to follow up with stakeholders on any feedback they might have to share. Make sure they can provide the feedback at a designated place and at any time post-presentation. Review initiatives outlined in the roadmap and analyze if they match the expectations of the stakeholders. Laying out the plan helps in understanding how and when to execute the goals. I’ll run you through them, then share our proven steps for building a good roadmap. And now that we’ve covered most of the theory, let’s see how you can create your own tech roadmap.

  • The widespread use of advanced manufacturing has reached the drug discovery and research domain.
  • Risk factors describe the potential internal or external threats that may prevent successful implementation of new technologies.
  • It is a known technique to help manage the fuzzy front-end of innovation.
  • Budget decisions can also affect how urgent or necessary an item truly is.
  • As such, roadmaps can provide solid analytical footing that enables national policy makers and industry to develop specific technologies.
  • This approach, called T-Plan, was created in the late 1990s primarily to help organisations take the first step into roadmapping with minimal resource and time commitment.
  • It drives digital transformation while being agile enough to accommodate course changes.

For instance, in software development, milestones are often thought of as software releases or new versions of a project. But with a business roadmap, goals and initiatives also include things like hitting revenue targets or launching in a new region or market, basically anything that’s a significant result of combined efforts. Because it’s easy for teams to get bogged down in the details of a project, a it roadmap helps them stay focused on high-level objectives and true customer needs.


You’re almost fully equipped to tackle the task of planning and building your first roadmap. However, there are still a few things missing from your toolkit — like a service for creating roadmaps to get you started. A high-level description of your strategic goals is crucial, both for negotiating with management and for the implementation phase.

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For example, IEEE’s “International Technology Roadmap for Wide Bandgap Power Conductors” provides guidance for developers and researchers seeking to transition from silicon devices to wide bandgap devices. IEEE’s “International Network Generations Roadmap” focuses on the future of communications, including applications and services, deployment, energy efficiency, Massive MIMO , security, and systems optimization. Academics use technology roadmaps to identify long-term problems and technology gaps in a given industry.

Seek Input From Stakeholders

With this roadmap, planning ahead and prioritization of IT projects becomes more feasible and scrambling to put out IT-incited fires becomes less of a reality. While this kind of roadmap has the most benefit for developers, other departments can have access to it as well. This way, all teams on the project get a better understanding of the timeline for different milestones, whether it’s urgent new features or other IT-related updates they are expecting. Revisit your roadmap often, and update it to reflect any changes to projects or timelines.

technology roadmap

There are hundreds of templates companies use for their tech roadmaps. A typical IT roadmap covers everything from requirements to testing and integrations. A dev team’s work dictates software or development roadmaps, highlighting tech initiatives, epics, and features while communicating the team’s primary goals. The senior management of industry-leading companies can also be involved in roadmaps, although sometimes only in a review capacity.

Three types of technology roadmaps

One way you can tackle the problem of aging technology in your business is with a technology roadmap. Don’t miss the new Digital Adoption Trends Report, with data & insights on finding technology ROI, maximizing productivity, & driving end-user adoption. Lucidchart helps you represent strategy visually, break your product adoption into epics, and assign tasks to individual team members. The release plans mentioned above will help you introduce the milestones to your team that should be achieved over a specific period of time. This one’s for all the engineering leaders; whoever is overseeing the development team and communicating with the rest of the organization regarding the dev pipeline. Those are the people who should have their hands on this roadmap, as they can speak best to what’s upcoming in the workflow, and any tradeoffs that must be considered when changes are requested.

Presenting your development roadmap in a Timeline View lets you showcase the “when” to the rest of your organization and manage their expectations of the dev workflow. But just remember if you are using a Timeline, reiterate that it’s a statement of intent and therefore can change. But that’s not the only way you can represent your development roadmap in a Swimlane View.

Practical Tech Debt Prioritization

How to Run a Collaborative Roadmapping Exercise with Your Team You’re a product manager, and you need to run a collaborative roadmapping exercise with various teams across your company. Focus on the creation of new technology entirely instead of deploying existing technology across a company or department. •A technology roadmap for devising a 3D cell culture solution for the fields drug discovery and in vitro disease models.


Allow room for change, and employ flexible methods for achieving your business objectives. Market conditions fluctuate, business needs evolve, and your project may take a different trajectory a year from now. Project feasible deadlines and sensible resource allocation estimates. You don’t want your team members to work overtime and burn out trying to hit impossible goals. It’s not always easy for these two branches to agree on critical issues. Then let’s get started by choosing the right type of roadmap, depending on what you intend to achieve.

Release plans

A technology roadmap doesn’t need to be complicated or take several months on end. But you need to know exactly why you’re adopting a new product, which features you will be using, and how to get a critical mass of your company’s end-users to make the switch. Digital transformation context, a technology roadmap also concerns your entire organization and your approach to the tools you work with as the company and its needs change. Jira roadmap integration Connect your high-level strategy with daily planning by syncing your data between Roadmunk and Jira. Azure DevOps integration Easily synchronize work items and field data into a strategic roadmap. Roadmunk API Sync your roadmapping data with the tools your team uses to get work done.