Similarly, if you give vague excuses for missing work, your boss may see you as unprofessional and lacking integrity, which may bring severe consequences in the long run. You can never plan around these debilitating issues, so your only choice is to take things easy and wait for things to pass at home. Doctor’s appointments are a good excuse to miss work for a few hours . If you’re in school, your education is likely your top long-term priority.

What to say when you need to call out of work?

  1. Personal Illness. My advice?
  2. Plumbing Issue. Burst pipes, flooded foundation/basements, and sewer issues are dire enough to stay home for.
  3. Family Emergency. Full stop.
  4. Childcare issue/illness.
  5. Dental/medical appointment.

This isn’t an excuse to get out of work that you should use often. But if your pet is seriously ill and needs your care, you shouldn’t feel bad about taking time off (even if it’s at the last minute).

Doctor’s Appointment

As a result, there can be consequences for calling out, especially if you make it a habit. Make sure to review any information about absences in your employee handbook, allowing you to anticipate how calling out may affect you. While it may not seem like the arrival of mail is one of the better excuses to miss work, it can be if it requires a signature and the delivery date changed without prior notice. Usually, this one is a better option if you already informed your workplace that a signature-required package was on the way. However, even if it’s short notice – as some urgent shipments can inherently be – this could be a solid reason. If you’re the victim of a fire or break-in, have a burst pipe, or a similar situation that’s damaged your home, that’s a solid excuse not to go to work.

  • Additionally, check the employee handbook to review the company’s policies about unplanned absences.
  • Whether your job is Temporary/ Contract, Temp-to-Hire, Direct-Hire, remote or on-site, calling out of work from time to time is inevitable.
  • The law also requires employee health benefits to be maintained during the leave.
  • Receive job search tactics to find the best opportunities for you and tips for crafting your resume for remote-friendly employers.
  • When an employee is interviewing for another job, it might be necessary to call out of work in order to attend an interview.

You should, however, plan your sick day ahead if you know you need a day to grieve. When you have a job reasons to call out of work interview and want to use a sick day for it, you need to keep your call or email vague and brief.

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Slack admin and employer can read every DMs, private channels, private messages sent between team members. Employers on either Slack’s free tier or paid tier need to submit a request to Slack before they can access your private chats. Death is a part of life but is still hard to process, and therefore the passing of a loved one is an entirely valid reason to call out of work. While for some work could prove a welcome distraction during a difficult period, it is best to take time off to grieve.

reasons to call out of work

After coming home from work one day, an employee decided to make dinner. While he was cooking, his kitchen caught on fire, causing him to miss work the next day. You have an emergency at home, such as a leaky pipe or broken window or other situation where you need professional help. While this excuse can be credible, it also comes with complications. You may have to pretend to sneeze and cough a lot when you return to work. One of the most common types of sexual harassment is Quid pro quo sexual harassment, and it is one of the easiest to hide. Learn about the various types of EEOC-prohibited discrimination.

Good Excuse for Missing Work: 40 Best Reasons You Can Use Last Minute to Call Off Work

When a family member is sick, especially a child, an employee may be needed at home to play nurse or watch over an unattended sick minor. Communication and cooperation really are keys when it comes to minimizing the impact of your absence.

  • Usually, you don’t want to be too specific when saying you’re sick as an excuse to miss work.
  • Your boss should be understanding because this can happen to anyone.
  • If the kids’ school is closed and you need to stay home with them, that’s a valid excuse to miss work.
  • A sick family member or pet is another valid reason to miss work.
  • There are time limits for filing a complaint with the EEOC.

If the kids’ school is closed and you need to stay home with them, that’s a valid excuse to miss work. Some workplaces won’t mind if you use personal time for routine checkups on pets. A good excuse to leave work early could be just the thing you need. If you’re tired, hurt, sick, or otherwise unable to make it in on time, here are some good excuses to call off work that will help cover for your absence. State and federal laws protect employees from employers firing employees because of work restrictions. If you’re fired at work, please get in touch with our employment attorney for a free consultation on work restrictions ignored by the employer. Every homeowner or renter knows that emergencies happen, which will require contractors, time, and money.

Other Good excuses to miss work

From a bad cold to needing a mental health day, it’s OK to take the time you need to rest. It’s not always the case that an employee has missed work because of a one-time mistake. Sometimes, employees take advantage of sick days or vacation time without having a legitimate excuse. This can be damaging to their career and may lead to disciplinary action. If you have a doctor’s appointment, whether you’re sick or just have an annual checkup, let your manager know. Being sick is a perfectly good reason for calling out of work.

What is a good excuse to call out of work last-minute?

1 You're not feeling well. 2 You've got a sick child to take care of. 3 You have a last-minute doctor's appointment. 4 You've got food poisoning.